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The OPSEC of Protesting

For the past three months thousands of people have been protesting in the United States due to the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and others. Many of the protesters are posting, recording, and streaming live while demonstrating. This begs the question… How do I protect myself online while protesting?  Most of the …

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Bash Tips and Tricks

I know I definitely identify with being a visual learner, and I am happy to help where I can with creating content for the security/sysadmin (system administrator) field. So, I am proud to announce that we have started a series about Bash Tricks and Tips on our YouTube channel, which will talk about interesting nuances …

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Waving the White Flag: Why InfoSec should stop caring about HTTPOnly

As a company that is constantly working with our penetration testing clients on understanding where they should focus their efforts, qualifying risk is second-nature to us. On one hand, we never want to undersell a risk, and have a client accept that risk based on an improperly informed position. On the other hand, I think …

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Proxying HTTPS Traffic with Burp Suite

This is easy to fix. All we need to do is tell our browser that the Burp CA can be trusted. Because every new installation of Burp generates a different CA, this doesn’t create a risk of somebody else intercepting your traffic surreptitiously with their Burp instance. The actual steps to perform this vary slightly by operating system.

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