Professionally Evil Perspective Podcast:Misconfigurations and Default Credentials

So we are at it again!  James Jardine, Jason Wood and I were at BSides Orlando this weekend and decided to take the opportunity to record the latest episode of the Professionally Evil Perspective (even if Jason doesn’t necessarily remember the title of the podcast completely!).

As with the previous ones, we try to dig into various problems we see when we do penetration tests that many people either don’t think about or do not really understand the why of the vulnerability or risk.  In this case we start discussing misconfigurations in systems and the existence of default passwords.  While this may not sound like the most exciting topic, the three of us have a lot of fun running around and through the topic.

You can either get this episode from iTunes, the Windows Store (supposedly but I don’t have a device to check) or directly from LibSyn.

Kevin Johnson is the CEO of Secure Ideas.  If you are in need of a penetration test or other security consulting services you can contact him at or visit the Secure Ideas – Professionally Evil site for services provided.

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