Month: November 2013

Secure Ideas is Offering a Free Secure Coding Class

SECURE IDEAS IS OFFERING A FREE SECURE CODING CLASS You see it the news all the time.  Websites are getting hacked, data is being stolen, and revenue is lost.  How are they committing these breaches?  How does a website get hacked anyway? Come to a 3 hour technical workshop at Galvanize on December 20th to …

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Professionally Evil Toolkit – Recon-ng

The first stage of almost every successful penetration test is the reconnaissance phase. During this phase of an engagement we scour publicly accessible resources for information about the target that will provide insight and direction for later phases. We look for information that was made public intentionally, and sometimes unintentionally, that tells us more about …

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MIRcon 2013 – Analyzing Web Attacks with ModSecurity

Last week I was able speak at MIRcon 2013 about how to use ModSecurity to discover attack activity and defend your environment.  The presentation started out by discussing a fair bit of background information on ModSecurity and how it works.  This was really important since ModSecurity can get a bit involved when setting it up. …

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