Month: April 2015

Reading (Slogging) Through the 2015 Verizon DBIR

When the first data breach investigations report was released by Verizon in 2008, I remember thinking how awesome it was to get some actual data about security incidents and to see someone sharing this type of information.  At the time I was a systems administrator who had also become “the security guy” at my employer. …

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Installing Splunk: First stop on the road to log analysis

First thing’s first: What is Splunk and why do I want or need it? The short is answer is Splunk is a data analytics tool that indexes system logs across different machines and appliances so that they’re searchable. Data analysis, event monitoring, compliance, and overall management oversight can be gleaned from this tool. Splunk takes …

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MobiSec 2.0 Awesomeness Unleashed!

MobiSec has undergone a major reconstruction and version 2.0 (actually 2.0.1) is now available for download on SourceForge.  The popular mobile testing VM platform has been rebuilt on the latest Ubuntu 64-bit LTS.  The tools have been modernized through updates and by replacing deprecated tools with better-supported equivalents.  The environment has also been trimmed down …

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