Ransomware and Scareware Pop-ups

Every computer owner has had the heart-stopping moment where a popup comes up and says that your computer has been infected. Most people know that the popup is lying and doing anything to fix that infection inside the popup will guarantee the computer is infected. This scareware is one of several types of malicious attacks that cost the market $1 Billion, according to an article in TechRepublic.  

The worst of malicious software attacks according to the article was ransomware, which encrypts all your data so that you have to pay the virus owner to get the encryption key and access your data. The best place to protect your business against these attacks is in keeping your software and hardware up to date and ensuring that employees are trained in basic security practices.


If your employees do not know the system standard for exiting popups, (Alt-F4 in PCs), train them on it. Immediately closing a suspect window is often the best way to prevent scareware installing a ransomware or other virus on your computer.

Understanding Security on Your Platform

Different platforms have different security measures. You need to understand how to ensure that your IT platform is secured to prevent the installation of ransomware or other nefarious software. Segmenting data, regular backups, and requiring an admin password to run new executable files are all good tools that integrate with many platforms to prevent installation of malicious software.

Regular Backups

Proper backups need to be done regularly to non-connected devices of all your necessary business data. Since ransomware encrypts your data on connected devices, if you regularly create backups on separate devices, you can simply wipe the infected hardware and install your data with minimal data loss.

Use Password Protection for Executable Files

Finally, many businesses need to put in place policies and software that ensures that employees cannot accidentally install software on the company’s IT systems. Requiring password from a network admin to install new software will prevent even an administrator from accidentally clicking on a disguised link to a virus and installing it on the computer.

Ransomware and scareware pop-ups are real threats that modern businesses have to face, but with proper planning and secure systems, you can ensure that your business will be safe from the majority of security events and able to weather any that come your way. To talk to a security expert about the potential vulnerabilities of your business, please contact Secure Ideas today.

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