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Ethics of Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking uses the principles and techniques of hackers to help businesses protect their infrastructure and information (You could also say it is used as an offensive part of a modern army’s arsenal, but that is not what we do). Many people wonder about our trademark tagline: “Professionally Evil,” and we would like to discuss …

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Current State of Security in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations are a prime target for many malicious individuals and organizations in the information age. Identity thieves, blackmailers, and even the curious public are attracted to the intense amounts of personal information a healthcare organization must collect to provide adequate levels of care. Understanding the current state of security in healthcare is paramount to …

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Security Concerns around Remote Employees

In the cloud-based economy, businesses of every size are hiring remote employees. Remote employees may decrease their capital costs, free the business from location limitations, and provide many of the intangible benefits of remote working. The increased number of employees working from diverse locations on a growing number of devices create several issues a business …

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Ransomware Intelligence Briefing

Ransomware Intelligence Briefing Media reporting on the WannaCry ransomware campaign has contained exaggeration, bad information, and fear tactics. This Bulletin seeks to provide Secure Ideas partners situational awareness about malware, ransomware, and phishing campaigns in the wild, and to provide a basic plan for businesses. The Secure Ideas Perspective Coverage of the WannaCry ransomware campaign has …

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Place Your Right Hand On This Glass

One of the hassles of the Yahoo! breach was clearly the coming-home-to-roost quality of the mega-stupid 90’s era “something about you” secret questions, a relic of the “portal” fantasy-based business model, under which you were expected to voluntarily subvert the freedoms of the Internet by turning over all your new-found freedom by allowing one company …

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Statement by Nick Selby on Bishop Fox / Muddy Waters Report

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Statement by Secure Ideas Response Team Director Nick Selby on the Report Issued Today by Security Consultancy Bishop Fox Media Contact: Ben Singleton JACKSONVILLE, FL, OCT 24. Today, a technical report was released by the technology consultancy Bishop Fox, that was based on research  conducted by a team of which I was …

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