Defending the Wall: Strong Passwords

Strong passwords are an important part of maintaining accounts and of any organization’s security infrastructure.  They are the first line of defense that separates the access of sensitive and confidential information from those who are permitted to view it and those who would do harm with it.  Having good password practices and policies that are …

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Ethics of Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking uses the principles and techniques of hackers to help businesses protect their infrastructure and information (You could also say it is used as an offensive part of a modern army’s arsenal, but that is not what we do). Many people wonder about our trademark tagline: “Professionally Evil,” and we would like to discuss …

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Checking Under the Bed

I’ve got four kids and part of their chores involve cleaning up their bedrooms. Inevitably, their understanding of “clean enough” never quite matches our expectations. Now I could just live with the fact that there will always be a huge mess under their beds, but that doesn’t serve the point. My goal isn’t to just …

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