MobiSec Live Environment DARPA Project

Mobile devices have become the most common computer technology available today, as indicated in a recent report from the CTIA stating that the United States now has more mobile phones than people; a staggering 327.6 million phones!  In the past year, the number of smartphones and wireless-enabled PDAs (tablets, e-readers, etc.) has risen 57%, to …

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Life keeps going on….

Wow, I can’t believe it has been this long since my last post. Quite a bit is going on around here. Sarah was born and I am teaching SANS classes coming up in September and then October. We released the updated hping for Windows and got Nikto-NSE out the door. Both of these were added …

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Mining in a corporate environment

We have a virus attack! Words that will stop any security professional in their tracks. Even with strict security policies and procedures around patch and anti-virus management, virii are still a major threat. Everyday new virii and variations of old favorites are released into the wild and our networks. A single host, not under our …

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