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Security Misconfigurations

The configuration of web and application servers is a very important aspect of web applications. Often times, failure to manage proper configurations can lead to a wide variety of security vulnerabilities within servers and environments. When these configurations are not properly addressed or ignored, the overall security posture can suffer. Sometimes the biggest problem that …

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Fuzz Testing

If you have a brand new piece of software, a program, a network, or an operating system, you will want to test it for any bugs, coding errors or other potential issues before it goes live. Fuzzing is a great way to do so. It’s also a good method to perform quality checks of your …

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Twelve Days of XSSmas

This series of daily mini-posts, running from December 12, 2018 to December 24, 2018, is intended to provide cross-site scripting (XSS) related tips. This will range from filter-evasion and payload minification tricks, to old (but still good) classic XSS tips, to scripts that make (or contribute to) interesting proof-of-concept payloads. Day 1 – Template Literals …

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Network Check Ups

Most people know that taking care of your personal health is important. We get regular check ups and try to keep ourselves as healthy and free of potential risks as best we can. During these check ups, a doctor will typically tell us about important health concerns, and recommendations to improve or fix any conditions …

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Silencing Firefox’s Chattiness for Web App Testing

Firefox is one chatty browser! Even if you don’t actually use it for anything, it’s constantly making requests out to the internet for things like updates, checking network status, and sending telemetry data back to Mozilla. When using Firefox for web app testing, I’ve often noticed the constant stream of additional requests that get in …

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