Is that a Shark? — Common Security Mistakes Organizations Make

At Secure Ideas, we work with a large number of organizations. These range from small mom-and-pop businesses to international corporations and government agencies. In any of these examples, we find that CIOs and management make the same mistakes when it comes to dealing with their security issues. When people talk about security and risk, we …

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Breaking in to Security

Some of the roles within security are all about breaking in to systems, but what about just breaking into the field?  Jobs in security are popping up all over the place and recruiters are trying desperately to help fill them.  There are many people interested in security, but without previous experience, they often want to …

Breaking in to SecurityRead More » Basic Security Failures and IT Bloopers

Secure Ideas has tested hundreds, if not thousands, of applications over the years we have been in business.  Based on this experience, along with our public classes and presentations around application security, Dave Kennedy of TrustedSec asked me to review the details of security flaws within  As part of this review, Dave provided a … Basic Security Failures and IT BloopersRead More »

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