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Facebook Removes Privacy Settings (or Why it’s hard to hide information on the Internet)

A few weeks ago Facebook announced the removal of a “Search” setting. That’s their marketing term for a privacy setting. The setting in question allowed a user to prevent his or her Facebook profile from being discovered via Facebook’s search function. Now before you go look for it, you should know that most of us …

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Your Passwords Were Stolen: What’s Your Plan?

If you have been glancing at many news stories this year, you have certainly seen the large number of data breaches that have occurred. Even just today, we are seeing reports that suffered from a breach ( that shows unauthorized access to hashed passwords, usernames, and email addresses. Note that this is not a …

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Active Defenses?

Active defense, often mistakenly called hacking back, is a common topic thrown around the security space lately.  And I think there are a number of reasons for this. Current security technologies are beginning to show significant strain.  It seems almost daily there is breach of another large company or government institution.  Many of these companies …

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Finding the Leaks

One of the common vulnerabilities we find when performing internal network penetration testing is sensitive data on open SMB file shares.  Now, by “open” I am including both unauthenticated as well as file shares that allow any authenticated user.  It certainly makes sense for organizations to have file shares that are accessible to all employees …

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How To: Encrypting Mac Mail

As a security consultant, frequently traveling, it is critical to implement security controls to protect sensitive data on my computer.  One of the most often overlooked data is locally stored email.  A quick search on the web identified some good ways to encrypt the Mac Mail store.  A great resource that I found was an …

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