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You Must Be This Tall . . .

December 19, 2016

Imagine going in to do an incident response at a fairly large customer that has no visibility within their firewalls, no intrusion detection, no sense of inventory, because they had […]


Incident Response services now available!

September 14, 2016

Security Incident Response is like firefighting: it’s not something you need everyday, but when you need it, you want the best, and you want it fast.  We’re proud to announce […]


Analyzing Web App Attacks Using ModSecurity at MIRcon 2013

August 14, 2013

I’m extremely excited to announce that I will be speaking at MIRcon2013 on ModSecurity!  The presentation’s goal is to help systems administrators, incident responders, and security analysts better manage and […]


Why Do Phishing As Part of Security Testing

July 3, 2013

I was recently watching a web cast on incident response and found myself thinking about the cause of the example incident.  It was yet another instance where phishing emails were […]


Your Passwords Were Stolen: What’s Your Plan?

June 5, 2013

If you have been glancing at many news stories this year, you have certainly seen the large number of data breaches that have occurred. Even just today, we are seeing […]


Hiring Philosophy and How to Get Into InfoSec

March 20, 2013

As one of the founders of Secure Ideas, I am often asked how someone gets into InfoSec and/or how do they get hired at Secure Ideas.  So I thought it […]


Looking for Malicious PHP Files

March 13, 2013

A while back I had to deal with a compromised web server for some folks.  They had some WordPress sites with a vulnerable plugin and found that attackers were putting […]


Reading the Mandiant APT1 Report

February 20, 2013

Like a lot of folks, I downloaded and read through the Mandiant APT1 report as soon as I could.  It’s an excellent resource and I highly recommend reading it if […]


Security Onion @ UTOSC 2012

July 28, 2012

Shortly before joining Secure Ideas, I spoke on Security Onion and Network Security Monitoring (NSM) at the Utah Open Source Conference 2012.  The presentation was aimed at introducing folks to […]