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Wireless Attacking EAP-TTLS with Kali 2 and ALFA AWUS051NH

Is your corporate wifi as secure as you think it is? A common configuration for WPA Enterprise wireless networks is to use a combination of PEAP (Protected EAP) and EAP-TTLS (Tunneled Transport Layer Security). Though this configuration solves several issues found in other configurations, it (sometimes) also has its own fatal flaw. If a client …

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SamuraiWTF 3.2 RELEASED!

We are really excited to announce that SamuraiWTF 3.2 is now available publicly.  This release is available at immediately and we hope you enjoy it. In this release we have updated a number of tools, addressed bug issues, and improved the target environments to better suit a training environment. We have also updated the …

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Is that a Shark? — Common Security Mistakes Organizations Make

At Secure Ideas, we work with a large number of organizations. These range from small mom-and-pop businesses to international corporations and government agencies. In any of these examples, we find that CIOs and management make the same mistakes when it comes to dealing with their security issues. When people talk about security and risk, we …

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Intercepting DNS

Recently during a penetration test, I discovered a Linksys WRT54G wireless router that had been installed on a customer’s network. Surprisingly, this device was accessible from the Internet with default credentials. Watching the client list, I noticed several clients connecting on & off throughout the day. We all know that this is bad, but how …

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Details, Details, Details…How Much is Enough?

So you think being a penetration tester is the coolest thing around right?  Me too..  but there is one aspect that people usually don’t think about: Report Writing.  It is one of the most important parts of an assessment because it provides the customer with data they can then use to make important decisions regarding …

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