Reading (Slogging) Through the 2015 Verizon DBIR

When the first data breach investigations report was released by Verizon in 2008, I remember thinking how awesome it was to get some actual data about security incidents and to see someone sharing this type of information.  At the time I was a systems administrator who had also become “the security guy” at my employer. …

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Why Do Phishing As Part of Security Testing

I was recently watching a web cast on incident response and found myself thinking about the cause of the example incident.  It was yet another instance where phishing emails were sent, desktops were owned and data left the victim’s network.  I’m not sure how many presentations, web casts and papers that I’ve listened/read that point …

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The Watering Hole: Is it Safe to Drink?

How many times have you been told you have a vulnerability that you just don’t understand  its relevancy?  Cross-Site scripting comes to mind for many people.   Sure, they get the fact that you can execute scripts in the user’s browser, but often times they really don’t fully understand the impact.  Of course, we determine that …

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Where in the RSA is Kevin?

So RSA 2013 in San Francisco is coming up and I will be there for two different parts of the event. First, on the 24th and 25th of February, I will be presenting a two-day class Security 571 from SANS.  This course is a two day course about mobile device and application security.  As the …

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Gone Phishing

Many organizations do not include phishing in their annual penetration tests, as they believe that most phishing emails will be stopped by their email filtering solutions.  Any “phishy” emails that get through will likely be clicked on by their employees but stopped by anti-virus or web filtering controls.  These controls are good, but they typically …

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